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We are the earliest anti-counterfeit and secret-keeping printing technology printing enterprise in China and designated postage stamp printing enterprise of central state organs and obtained the anti-counterfeiting mark production certificate in 2007. And we are also the important designated anti-counterfeiting voucher and financial bill printing enterprise for the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the State Administration of Taxation, State Bureau of Tourism, Armed Police General Contingent and other key ministries; the designated anti-counterfeiting printing products producing unit for Henan Provincial Government, Henan Provincial Public Security, Henan Provincial Family Planning Commission, Henan Provincial authorities; the anti-counterfeiting product printing enterprise for China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, PLA Publishing House, Maotai Group, Lenovo Group, Henan Shuanghui, Luyi Wine Industry, Dannisi General Merchandise and other well-known domestic enterprises and public institutions.

It has the following anti-counterfeiting technical capacity: Intaglio printing anti-counterfeiting technology, ultra-line security pattern anti-counterfeiting technology, special ink printing technology, paper anti-counterfeiting technology, number anti-counterfeiting technology, punching anti-counterfeiting technology and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology.


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