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The digital business center of the enterprise owns advanced Kodak Nexpress series of digital printing machine and first-class ancillary equipment after work at home and abroad, masters a variety of plate making and printing methods and all kinds of advanced post printing processes, the business scope covers the office supplies, business supplies, meeting supplies, personalized products and other fields, the machine can print the product from one paper (one copy), and it is convenient, fast, flexible, efficient, excellent and cheap and can provide customers with comprehensive and sophisticated design, production, packaging, printing and other services.

Business scope

Office supplies: High-end business cards, letterheads, envelopes, notes, forms, labels, postcards, greeting cards, work permits, etc.

Business supplies: Company albums, enterprise Annuals, VI brochures, leaflets, posters, program schedules, invitations, letters of appointment, coupons, internal periodical, etc

Conference supplies: Brief report materials, memos, venue posters, contacts, news flash, notices, summary reports, etc.

Individuality: Personalized postcards, wedding invitations, invitations, autograph books, membership cards, badges, work permits, graduation memento book, graduation recommendations, photo albums, photo gallery, personal book publishing, etc.


Products and Services